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MT Course – Uganda 2019

About the Margaret Babirye Lwebuga Project

The project is named for a Ugandan woman living and working in the US, who, through her generous spirit and selfless dedication has been an exceptional ambassador for her country. In return, we who have been grateful to her would like to make a contribution in our own field to her country and to Africa.


The Margaret Babirye Lwebuga Project seeks to instill and disseminate a culture of sharing and continuing professional development for mathematics teachers in Uganda and other African countries and a teaching methodology that prepares young people with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to thrive in the 21st century.

The programme

The Margaret Babirye Lwebuga Project will run four subject leader training courses for 100 teachers in East Africa in 2019/20 in partnership with the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Schools Enrichment Centre (AIMSSEC). An MBL bursary will pay for accommodation and food during the 10-day residential courses, all tuition for 3 months distance learning, stationery, administration and venue costs and teaching resources for teachers to use in their schools.

On completion of each course, the teachers will continue to work with the other mathematics teachers in their schools and in their district sharing and developing the ideas and ways of thinking introduced on the courses.

  • The teachers will be selected to maximise the impact on mathematics teaching in their own communities and will be given training and support to run professional development workshops for other teachers.
  • The teachers selected will be supported by their Head Teachers to achieve the aims of the project and will be enthusiastic and committed teachers with a desire to explore and share new teaching methods.
  • Preference will be given to schools in disadvantaged communities. Other schools will be required to include teachers from disadvantaged schools in the professional development training associated with the courses.
  • The teachers selected will represent districts and rural areas across Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda.

The AIMING HIGH Teacher Network will provide resources to enable the teachers to run professional development workshops and to support each other in their continuing sharing of good teaching practice.

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